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Colleagues, friends, even former co-workers make great referrals

Because Savoya supports the world's most discerning travelers, the people who appreciate our service support frequent travelers—individuals and groups like a Board of Directors. Anyone who books and manages black car service for themselves, a colleague, or even family will benefit from Savoya's smart solutions to managing travel. Here are just a few examples of some of our most common clients! 

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Terms and conditions: To qualify for rewards, the person being referred must be new to Savoya with no existing profile in our system, must be booking travel for a new Savoya traveler (the traveler cannot have a pre-existing traveler profile), and the new coordinator must complete three trips with a new traveler within six months of being referred to Savoya. Only new travel coordinators booking for a new traveler can redeem the $50 travel credit on their first trip. Existing travelers are not eligible for the $50 travel bonus. The terms of this program are subject to change at any time. *A referral is considered complete when the new client completes their third trip with Savoya. Three trips must be completed within six months to earn rewards.