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Give colleagues a $50 first trip bonus. Get $200 for each person you introduce*

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Colleagues, friends, even former co-workers make great referrals

Because Savoya supports the world’s most discerning travelers, the people who appreciate our service support frequent travelers—both individuals and groups like a Board of Directors.

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*To earn a referral award, you must be a current travel coordinator who has booked a trip within the last twelve months. To qualify for rewards, the referred travel coordinator must be new to Savoya with no existing profile in our system, must be booking travel for a new Savoya traveler (the traveler cannot have a pre-existing traveler profile), and the new coordinator must complete three trips with a new traveler within six months of being referred to Savoya.

Only new travel coordinators booking for a new traveler can redeem the $50 travel bonus on their first trip. Existing travelers are not eligible for the $50 travel bonus.

The terms of this program are subject to change at any time.