Passenger Experience

Seamless travel you can count on

A Seriously Smooth Ride

Booking ground transportation with Savoya ensures that travelers can focus on the purpose of their trip instead of having to worry about how they’ll get there. We reduce the stress of connecting with the driver and deliver a clean, quiet workspace to maximize productivity. When security, technology, and legendary service all work in harmony, the result is a seamless travel experience—every time.

What to Expect

1. Connecting with the driver

  • Opt in to notifications to receive driver contact details, a photo, and GPS information that will take you directly to your waiting vehicle.
  • Every airport is different. Staging notes will let you know what to expect and where to find your driver.
  • Our support team monitors every trip and is an additional resource to contact if you can’t locate your vehicle.

What to Expect

2. In vehicle experience

  • Drivers default to speaking when spoken to, so that a passenger can work.
  • Clean, odor free interior that is free of distractions.
  • Smooth lane changes, easy acceleration, and comfortable breaking.

What to Expect

3. Preferences

  • While all vehicles have water, custom beverages are available upon request.
  • Saved preferences for climate, luggage handling, and requested drivers are just the start of what you can request.
  • In vehicle concierge to make sure every part of your trips is flawless.

The Savoya Difference

A Best-in-Class Booking Process

Take the stress out of travel planning with saved profiles for each passenger.

Customer Support

Business doesn’t always happen during business hours, especially with travel.

Complete Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing we’re prepared for every possible circumstance.


Our proprietary platform gives you the tools you need to fully customize your ground transportation experience.

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Extensive driver vetting, obscured communications, and strategic partnerships combine to provide security you can trust.

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We’re relentless in our pursuit of excellence and committed to providing you the greatest experience possible.

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