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Booking Business Travel to London? Check Out These 7 Tips

To celebrate Savoya’s new European Premier Touring class vehicles in London, we’ve pulled together a few of the best tips we’ve found for effective, efficient business trips to the city.

Read on for everything from the parks where you can catch a quick job between meetings to hacks for looking like a local that’ll help keep you safe.


Tip #1: Bring the Right Adapter

This tip is an obvious one, but for your reference, the British power plug is “Type G” and has three rectangular pins. The voltage is 220-240V.

As the StoryV website notes, “These types of things always cost more when you buy them at the airport. Either purchase one before you arrive in London or purchase one from a local shop once you’ve got to where you’re staying.


Tip #2: Dress Accordingly

Brits are known for their conservative style and formal sensibilities, but did you know that they’re quite fashion forward?

Lee Abbamonte, writing for TripIt, shares that, “The British love their fashion. Most Europeans love their fashion, but in London the men tend to dress up even more than women. So as a man, especially a casual man like myself, I always bring my A-game when it comes to clothes.”


Tip #3: Fly into Heathrow or Gatwick

Though all of London’s airports have been undergoing renovations, Heathrow and Gatwick still offer better amenities than London City Airport (though travelers may enjoy the full VIP service offered by the airport’s First Class Lounge).

Look out for the following amenities:

Heathrow Airport

  • Free computer desks in all terminals
  • Heathrow App for navigation throughout the airport
  • Business lounges with meeting rooms that can be booked by the hour
  • Traveler bedrooms for rental in Terminal 3
  • Baggage delivery service that will shuttle your luggage to your hotel
  • The VIP Windsor Suite

Gatwick Airport

  • Business lounges in both Arrivals and Departures with meeting rooms that can be booked by the hour
  • The Regus Express Business Lounge in the South Terminal
  • Regus-operated sound-proof, private Workpods
  • ChargeBox charging


Tip #4: Watch Out for Unsafe Areas

London, by and large, is an incredibly safe place to visit. But that doesn’t mean you can let your guard down all the way. The St Pancras Hotels Group offers up three places in particular where you’ll want to exercise caution:

“Places such as Camden Market, Leicester Square and Oxford Street get extremely busy at weekends, so ensure that all your valuables are securely packed away somewhere safe. This not only reduces the risk of you dropping anything, but also means that opportunistic thieves won’t be able to get their hand on your cash or expensive electronics.”


Tip #5: Buy a Local Paper

Want to look like a true Londoner, rather than a foreign executive visiting from out of town? The Shaftesbury Hotel Collection suggests the simple step of buying a local paper.

“One of the first things you should do is buy, read and carry a local paper – it makes you look like you’re from the area. This will make you look less conspicuous, which is a good thing because it keeps you safe from pickpockets and the likes.”


Tip #6: Get a Workout In on the Road

If you’re as serious about your fitness as you are closing deals, you won’t want to miss the many beautiful jogging paths that can be found in London. Mellisa Pascale, writing for the Business Travel Life magazine, has three suggestions:

“Buckingham Palace is bordered by Green Park and St. James’s Park, and both are prime green spaces for a nice run and queen spotting. Another gorgeous spot popular for running is Regent’s Park, located by Marylebone and the Borough of Camden. Jogging up Primrose Hill in Regent’s is more daunting than you would think, but the view at the top is a breathtaking reward.”


Tip #7: Book a Range Rover for Your Ground Travel Needs

If you prefer more space and comfort than a traditional London taxi or local Black Car, consider Savoya’s European Premier Touring class. The service uses the Range Rover, which mimics the height and spaciousness of SUV service in the U.S., which is not typically available in Europe.

According to David Russell, Senior Director of Performance Improvement at Savoya, “The overall quality of the vehicle makes it more comparable to the Mercedes S-Class than a standard Mercedes Viano or Ford Transit. The Range Rover is a better choice for those traveling in small groups or who prefer having a bit more space and higher level of comfort in their travel experiences.”

Space is limited as the service rolls out, so book early using Savoya’s COREview portal or contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

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