Chauffeur Solutions rooted in Private Air Origins

FBO knowledgeable chauffeurs, integrated flight tracking, GPS visibility, and automated communications take the burden off schedulers.

Plane to Pavement

Seamless black car service can make the difference between an otherwise successful trip and a failure. When every detail of a multi-leg flight plan has been meticulously mapped out, why settle for a chauffeur who doesn’t meet the same standard? Savoya connects you with the top chauffeurs in every market, equipped to manage private travelers seamlessly.

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Extend the ROI of Private Travel

Driver on-site validation and private air-specific processes maximize the ROI of private air travel by saving time and providing a personalized, stress-free experience. Chauffeurs arrive early and are flexible to accommodate changes, ensuring seamless service.

GPS Visibility

GPS visibility of the vehicle ensures you know it has arrived at the FBO prior to landing. Additionally, live ETAs of the passenger's arrival times enable pilots to proactively run through flight checklists and cool the cabin, allowing you to be wheels up faster.

Private Air Service Standards

Whether meeting travelers on the tarmac ready to open their door or providing a secure and tranquil vehicle environment compatible with working on the go, Savoya's chauffeur partners meet the standards private air clientele demand while traveling.

Integrated FBO Database

Our system enhances your convenience by storing FBO addresses on file, saving you time when selecting pick-up and drop-off locations. Select your airport and choose from the available FBOs for a streamlined booking process.

We've Got You Covered

FBO Knowledge

Our chauffeur partners excel at navigating the unique protocols of Fixed Base Operators (FBOs), from tarmac greetings to efficient check-in processes upon arrival.

Tarmac Access

High insurance coverage enables chauffeurs to access the tarmac when allowed by FBOs, facilitating a swift and precise transition from air to ground for passengers.

Flight Aware & ADS-B Exchange

We designed our technology to respond to changes in flight with notifications to our chauffeur partners and operations team, ensuring that any change in plans is handled.

Flight Teams

Accessible passenger profiles based on the teams you create will ensure that appropriate personnel can effectively develop and manage car service reservations, allowing you to mirror the efficiency of your flight operations.


Add Savoya +LiveOps to monitor the progress of multiple trips in real-time through GPS tracking and live ETAs. Display all ongoing trips on a single screen to efficiently manage multiple movements simultaneously.

Automated Communications

Keep you, your flight team, and your passengers well-informed with tailored real-time notifications that make sense for each trip, thanks to our comprehensive team and crew notification options.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Quotation marks iconQuotation marks iconHaley Pearson

"Savoya is outstanding at providing reliable service! The driver notifications, new trip portal, and automated receipts are a saving grace for us and have lifted the weight from our shoulders. We appreciate our account representative, team, and drivers!"

Haley Pearson


Quanta Aviation Services

Quotation marks iconQuotation marks iconKelli Otis

"Great service for my executive! The driver is always on time, keeps a close eye on the flight (when applicable), and takes great care of all of my passengers! I have used Savoya locally and internationally and received the same great service! Highly recommend!"

Kelli Otis

Executive Assistant


Quotation marks iconQuotation marks iconAnonymous

“Savoya is our sole executive car service provider for all executive travel. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Savoya to anyone looking for top tier service.”


Protective Services Leader

Financial Services Company

Quotation marks iconQuotation marks iconEdward Rodriguez

"I only have accolades for Savoya's top-notch, over the top, white glove service. Their Client Care Team is very responsive to requests made, changes made on the fly and so forth. Savoya has the best notification system of any service I have used for my clients."

Edward Rodriguez

VIP Elite Travel Advisor

Direct Travel

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