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Catching up with Skevi from The PA Way | Skevi Constantinou

This year, we’re committed to collaborating with leading figures in the executive assistant space to bring valuable perspectives and actionable advice to our clients. We recently had the chance to chat with Skevi Constantinou from The PA Way. Skevi has built a global community focused on resource sharing within the executive assistant community. We were so excited to sit down and interview her to learn a bit more about leveling up in this industry!


1.     As an influential figure in the executive assistant community, you’ve likely observed various challenges in the careers of executive assistants. Can you share a specific experience or lesson that has shaped your perspective on the role of executive assistants?

An experience I had when I was an Executive Assistant was often being overlooked for my contributions and I would constantly hear the phrase “just an Assistant”.

I would then hear other colleagues in the profession sharing they experienced this too. I was working really hard and so were my colleagues but whenever it came to bonuses, promotions or even a simple thank you, we were overlooked. So I set about to create The PA Way platform which offers a membership and community to educate, empower and elevate the profession.

I wanted to create a place where people could be themselves but also seen, heard and nurtured for their contributions. Assistants have so much influence where we need to hone in and celebrate this further. I am very proud of the Administrative profession and when one of us levels up, it’s a step in the right direction for us all.  

I saw my vision for The PA Way in 2018 and it’s grown to countries across the world. I created an exciting online platform, which has since gone on to become multi-award winning, and we receive so much amazing feedback as we not only educate but we do things in a really fun way!

My aim is to celebrate the individual and for them to unlock their potential. Our community is known as the “Assistant Hood” – a term I coined. Many of our members say that The PA Way feels like a family which is such a lovely thing to see.

We host awards, which welcomed Savoya in London, retreats, learning and development events and much more! I don’t do generic events, for me, it’s about pushing my creative limit, seeing how can I raise the voice of the profession and put the Assistant in the spotlight. At The PA Way, we want Assistants to be so powerful that when they walk in a room, people do not know who the boss is – Assistants have influence and we are here to celebrate that!

As an international trainer and speaker, I am often invited to deliver workshops both online and in person for organizations as I love to support the profession now showcasing we are far more than “just an Assistant

2.     In a rapidly evolving professional landscape, executive assistants must engage in continuous learning. What observations do you have regarding how executive assistants stay updated on industry trends and incorporate new skills or knowledge into their roles?

Apart from what is offered to them in their places of work, online memberships and communities such as The PA Way now offer a wealth of training and networking with likeminded people.

Personally, I enjoy seeing Assistants embarking on learning, whether they attend events or enroll on a program to level up both personally and professionally. There is a lot of discussion around AI at the moment so it’s been interesting to see that perspective. Networking for me when I was an Executive Assistant really helped me to incorporate new knowledge as I learnt from like-minded colleagues both at in person events and online.


3.     Time management is crucial. What strategies do you recommend for prioritizing tasks and managing time effectively, especially when coordinating executive travel?

I time block everything. Time management for me personally is key to in order to move the needle on my tasks. When I had multiple stakeholders to manage with complex itineraries, time management/blocking allowed me to co-ordinate their travel and see their whereabouts. It’s essential to use a travel provider you can rely on, like Savoya, for confidence and peace of mind knowing that travel will go as planned and time management kept to the tight schedule. You need to have good communication as well, as travel can change daily and make sure you have the appropriate tools. At The PA Way, we offer downloads and much more in helping people time manage at their optimum.


4.     What would you identify as the major advantages of utilizing a black car service? When selecting a provider, what specific qualities should be prioritized?  

When I was an EA, I found the major advantages of utilizing a black car service firstly was peace of mind. Knowing that those I supported would be looked after with high levels of customer service (which meant a win for me as the EA!) as I would receive great feedback for the companies I booked. Having a tailored and professional car service allows their itinerary to be coordinated and communicated.

Another key element for me was safety and comfort as you want to ensure that in multiple destinations that your stakeholder/client is safe. When you have all of these qualities at priority level, I found that I was booking black car services frequently as those I supported felt they were getting a much better experience.


5.     To wrap up, what would be your top piece of advice for fellow professionals seeking to elevate their support services?

To elevate your support services, make sure you have an elite ever growing book of top service providers you can rely on to provide the support you need. Furthermore, surround yourself with positive like minded people.

Here at The PA Way, we show you how to step out of your comfort zone, how to ask those you support to pay for your training and to own your worth.

When you level up both personally and professionally, your opportunities will increase. Lean in on your community for learning and growth. As a former executive assistant now turned director of The PA Way, I pushed my comfort zone to learn new skills and network with like-minded colleagues.

I have seen assistants who are trying new things and seeing what magic can come of it – and that’s a step in the right direction! Many have reported back to me to say they have received a new job offer, pay raise or even an increase in their confidence. When one of us levels up, we all level up as it’s a step in the right direction for the profession.


To learn more about Skevi and connect with her global community of Loyal Royals, please visit her LinkedIn at

Thank you, Skevi, for sharing your insights with our team! We are so excited to continue to grow our partnership together.

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