Adding Your Passengers

1. Looking up a passenger profile

To look up an existing passenger profile, type in any part of the passenger’s first or last name. We will display a list of matching profiles that have been booked by your account. Once you see the correct profile, click the passenger name to add their profile to the reservation.

2. Creating a passenger profile

To create a new profile for a passenger, start by pressing the “Create New Passenger” button. You will then see fields to fill out the First and Last Name, Phone number, email address, and default signage text for the passenger.

While a phone number and email for the passenger are not required to create their account, we do highly recommend adding this information. Including the passenger’s contact information allows us to provide notifications with driver contact information, driver picture, vehicle make & model, license plate, and real time GPS location. The passenger’s information is confidential and Savoya will not share this information or contact a passenger directly without consent.

If you do choose to add an email and phone number for the passenger, they must unique from any other passenger profiles within your company. No two passengers can share the same email or phone number. If you receive an error that the email or phone number already exists, try searching for the passenger again, using alternate spellings. If you cannot find the profile or continue to experience issues, please contact Support.

“Default Signage Text” changes the standard First Initial Last Name signage (i.e B. Appleseed) that our drivers would use. You can use this field to customize the signage for the passenger either to be their full name, a pseudonym, or any custom word that you would like the driver to use when meeting the passenger. To save the passenger profile and add them to the trip, select “Create New Passenger.”

3. Adding guests & additional passenger profiles

If there will be additional passengers in the vehicle, you can choose to either add profiles for each of the passengers or add a guest count to the lead passenger. We recommended having dedicated passenger profiles for any travelers that require notifications or have special notes for the driver stored in their profile.

4. Passenger Notes

Once you have added passengers, you are able to add any notes for your Savoya team and the driver to better serve the passenger. Please do not include any personal or sensitive information such as credit card numbers or phone numbers.

For example, you could add notes such as, “This passenger prefers a quiet vehicle. Do not have music playing.” Or, “Please have the temperature of the vehicle set to 75 degrees.” Anything that will personalize the traveler’s experience and make their ride comfortable.

Any passenger notes that have been saved to the passenger’s profile will automatically be added when the profile is selected for future reservations.

5. Child Seats

In select markets, Savoya is able to provide Child Seats upon request. If a child seat is needed, fill out the requested details – Child Age, Child Weight, and Requested Seat Type (Rear-Facing, Forward-Facing, Booster, etc). A Savoya team member will then review the request and confirm availability.