1. Notifications

Savoya’s notifications are designed to eliminate the friction and stress of travel and provide a seamless experience for travelers, bookers, and their support teams. These notifications offer unprecedented awareness and monitoring of their ground travel.

Notifications offered:

  • Confirmation:
    Sends confirmation of initial booking and updates made to the trip itinerary.
  • Receipt:

    Provides final billing details and amount charged for the reservation.
  • Driver Details:

    When a driver is assigned to the reservation, this email or SMS will be sent providing the driver’s contact information and photo through a live link that will be updated and can be used for the duration of the reservation.
  • Driver Onsite:
    At pickup time, when the driver arrives onsite, this email or SMS will be sent providing the driver’s contact information, photo, vehicle information, staging instructions, and real-time GPS location.
  • Passenger Onboard:

    As soon as your driver makes contact with the traveler, this email or SMS will be sent informing that the traveler is onboard. Additionally, the live link will be provided for tracking of the ETA to the travelers next destination.
  • Passenger Dropped:

    When the driver drops the traveler at their final destination, this email or SMS will be sent to inform that the trip has been completed.

2. Customizing Notifications

Savoya’s notifications are customizable and set to fit any needs for a traveler and/or booker. Notification preferences are able to be set and saved at a profile level or altered on a per trip basis. Additionally, bookers and travlers are able to add additional recipients to receive notifications which can be set on an individual trip or saved at a profile level.

To adjust notification preferences on a profile, click the menu button in the top right hand corner of your screen. Under “My Account” you will be able to adjust your personal notifications settings and add any additional recipients and their preferences that should be automatically added to trips you book. You can set a travler’s notification settings (along with any additional recipients) by selecting “Passenger Profiles” from the menu and selecting the desired passenger profile from the provided list.

3. Additional Recipients

Adding Additional Notification Recipients is a great way to keep those who need to be aware of a travelers itinerary in the loop. Below are some common uses for additional notifications:

  • Bookers who are a part of a broader team or that need to keep colleagues informed of trips that they are booking, add their team members or team email to the additional recipients in their profile.
  • Travelers who have an Executive/Personal Assistant that need to receive driver contact information and trip details, may add their support team their additional recipients in their profile.
  • Flight departments or Pilots who need to track ground confirmation along with the driver onsite & onboard notifications to contact the driver to transfer the traveler to or from the aircraft.

4. What notifications should I select?

We strongly recommend that Bookers receive our full suite of notifications and that Travelers receive Driver Details & Driver Onsite notifications. This set of notifications has been shown to reduce the possibility for travel disruptions and provides the most seamless experience in connecting travelers with their driver.

5. What information is on the link that I received?

When a driver has been assigned to your reservation, any individual that has opted to receive the ‘driver details’ notification will receive a link in the email or SMS that they receive. This link is unique to the specific reservation and can be used to track the driver assignment, driver location, and traveler ETA for the duration of the trip.

The link will display the current driver assignment, vehicle information (including license plate and Make/Model), along with the Real-Time GPS location of the driver once the driver has arrived at the pickup location.