Payment & Billing

1. Payment Methods

Savoya accepts all major credit cards for payment of trips. Trips will be charged to the credit card provided upon booking and reconciled upon completion of the trip, payment terms and conditions can be found here. Enterprise and Corporate accounts may be eligible for post-trip billing, as well as invoicing terms. If you are interested in our service offering for enterprise and corporate accounts, contact Support.

2. Travel Bank

When available, travel bank funds can be applied to the billing of a reservation by selecting the travel bank from the dropdown menu. A credit card is still required on the trip to secure the reservation and account for any potential overage charges.

3. Reference Number

The reference number is an optional field that can be used for bookers to input any special invoicing, cost center, PO, or internal reference number. This number will be added to all confirmation and receipt notifications that are received.

4. What is included in Savoya’s rate?

Savoya provides its customers with All-Inclusive, Transparent Pricing. Outside of unexpected fees incurred within the trip (airport fees, tolls, and state taxes), the hourly or transfer rate you see will be the price you pay. Breaking from others within the industry, Savoya does not tack on additional administrative fees, operating costs, surcharges, or gratuities, everything is included in the price you see.

5. How do hourly trips work?

Hourly trips are billed for the actual usage of the vehicle. Billing begins the moment our driver leaves their base of operation and end when the driver returns to their base. For most trips that begin and end in the same city, this is 30 minutes on each end. If a trip begins or ends in a city outside of a service area, there could be additional time needed for the driver to reach or return from the location. In any event, this will be quoted to you in the Rate & Billing Section under “Quoted Time” and “Estimated Charges.” If you ever have questions about your trip, contact your Savoya support team.

6. What is a transfer (flat) rate?

Savoya provides fixed transfer rates (also known as flat or point-to-point rates), for commonly traveled to locations. In order for a trip to qualify for a transfer rate, the trip must be a pick up and drop off (no stops) between two frequently traveled locations, such as major cities and airports. You will see qualifying trips when reviewing your reservation, under the “Rate & Billing” section.Transfer rates include 30 minutes of complimentary wait time at the pickup location. If wait time is exceeded or stops are added to the reservation, additional charges may be incurred.

7. What is quoted time?

Quoted time estimates the total amount of time that the driver will be reserved for, based on the itinerary provided. Taking the estimated drive time between each location, duration at each location, and the positioning times we will calculate the “Quoted Time” and, subsequently, our “Estimated Total” for the reservation to give you a rounded understanding of the costs associated with the reservation.

8. What additional fees may apply?

Savoya’s rates are all-inclusive, however, some additional fees that are incurred in the course of the trip may apply. For example, Airport Fees, Parking Fees, and Tolls are the most common. Any additional fees will be outlined and explained in your final invoice/receipt.

9. Should I tip my driver?

A generous gratuity is already included in all of Savoya’s rate. However, while it is not necessary, some travelers may wish to add an additional tip for excellent service from the driver.